Author: Ivan Kal
Language English
Pages: 234
Genre: Space
Series Rise of the Empire
Goodreads Rating: 4.49
Published: December 23rd 2017

The conquest of the Erasi has begun and fleets clash over Erasi worlds. But while the alliance of the Shara Daim, Empire, and Krashinar has an advantage, the war is far from won. The Erasi industrial capacity as well as their population and size make it hard to conquer and harder to hold. And while the invasion across the outer Erasi systems is going well, the alliance is yet to clash with the Erasi core fleets. The Erasi Weaver, Valanaru, sends forces into Krashinar territory forcing most of their Great Packs to retreat in order to defend their worlds. And even though the alliance forces seem to have an edge, Valanaru is yet to show her secret weapon. The Crescent, an experimental weapon capable of destroying entire fleets in an instant. Adrian and Anessa must find a way to win the war quickly and decisively, but even as they focus on the Erasi, their thoughts are drawn to the future conflict against the Enlightened.

Conquest is book 9 in the Rise of the Empire series, an epic story that follows humanity as it grows from a single world to ultimately becoming a galaxy wide empire.