A Look Inside a Rare Mind: An INFJ's Journal Through Personal Discovery

A Look Inside a Rare Mind: An INFJ's Journal Through Personal Discovery
Author: Jennifer Soldner
Language English
Pages: 103
ISBN10: 1312202108
Genre: Psychology
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
ISBN13: 9781312202108
Published: 2014 by Lulu.com

My entire life was spent questioning myself. I always wondered why I seemed different. Why I could never fit in anywhere. Why I struggled so much emotionally. And most of all, why I could not find anyone who understood. My conclusion was always the same. Something is wrong with me. I felt like I was failing at my life and I could never seem to fix it. I continued to fail. I continued to remain alone, misunderstood by myself and everyone around me. Until one day, I took a Myers-Briggs Personality test and read the results: INFJ. What does that mean? I researched and researched, read and read, pondered and pondered, until it hit me… I am not insane. I am not failing. I am not broken. I am an INFJ. Once I learned my personality type, I was able to begin my personal growth and development. In these pages, I wish to share with you my thoughts through the early stages of my discovery: the positive, the negative, the joyful and the depressing. Welcome to the rare mind of an INFJ. Jennifer Soldner is the founder of INFJ Anonymous (http://infjanonymous.com), a website devoted to helping other INFJs along their path of personal discovery as well as Joyfully Freefalling (http://jennifersoldner.com). An INFJ, Empath and Highly Sensitive Person, she is also the author of the wildly popular article Top 10 Things Every INFJ Wants You to Know.