Estimating Bill of Materials

Estimating Bill of Materials
Author: Vicente A. Tagayun
Language English
Pages: 267
Genre: Science
Goodreads Rating: 4.06
Published: 2002 by Tagayun Associates

Estimating and preparing the itemized list or bill of materials required for a project to be built, added, repaired, remodeled or renovated is an integral and no important part of the professional services rendered by an architect or engineer to his clients.

Those of us in the architectural, engineering and construction professions know that this phase of our work involves a lot of analysis and tedious time-consuming computation works.

The publication of this book detailing how the quantity of various kinds of construction materials can be estimated systematically, accurately and fast is therefore a welcome development. This book should be of great help to newly graduated or licensed architects, engineers and contractors who will find it a very valuable reference and guidebook as they assume the duties and responsibilities required of their profession. Students will discover in this volume very useful construction data and detailed drawings to supplement the knowledge they acquire within the confines of their classrooms.