Bobo's New Home

Bobo's New Home
Author: Heidi Ippolito
Language English
Pages: 24
ISBN10: 1608602206
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9781608602209
Published: July 14th 2009 by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

Bobo s New Home is a story about a little goat that goes away from his family to live on a farm. He s afraid at first, but then he realizes that God is there with him, so he s not alone after all. Bobo the goat is traveling far away from his family and home to live on a new farm. But he s very afraid because he s never been on his own before. While he tries to figure out how to get back home, he makes a new friend in Sassy the Dog.

Sassy reminds Bobo that even though he misses his home, he shouldn t be afraid or feel alone because no matter where he is, God is there too.

When author Heidi Ippolito and her husband moved to South Carolina, she was introduced to a man who bought a farm house with the purpose of opening it up to Christians in transition, who wanted to learn about farming. It was this time, and the antics, adventures and challenges they experienced while living on the farm with strangers and new animals, that inspired Bobo s New Home."