Blue Mage Equinox

Blue Mage Equinox
Author: Cleave Bourbon
Pages: 157
Genre: Fantasy
Series Tournament of Mages
Goodreads Rating: 3.80
Published: May 1st 2017 by Shadesilver Publishing

Blue Mage Equinox: Arran has a secret. His entire family are witches.

Although feared and persecuted by the nearby towns and villages, Arran knows it is his family who brings the rain, makes the crops healthy, and keeps away the dangers of the night. Yet, his family must gather in secret and hide from those who might wish them harm. It isn’t fair, and one day Arran will prove that witches, at least his family of witches, are good and should be revered and respected. Soon, the harvest equinox will come and Arran will be formally inducted into the fold. He has been practicing spells with Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. He will show them how witches should be respected. Yes, he will show them ALL! Every one hundred years an individual is born in each one of the six kingdoms with remarkable abilities.

The gods create them to be champions. The red mage uses blood magic, the blue mage is all elemental, the green mage has command over nature and can shapeshift, the black mage has dominion over death, the grey mage is the master of the mind and illusions, and the white mage can cast spells through song, dance, and voice. It is the job of the Tourney Master, a wizard who awakens 5 years before every century, to find and prepare them for the great Tournament of Mages, a contest pitting them all against great obstacles and ultimately each other to decide who will rule all of the six kingdoms for the next one hundred years. Only, the mages are born at random, have free will from the gods, and are not always so easy to convince to fight for the fate of the six kingdoms.