Home Sweet Mulberry

Home Sweet Mulberry
Author: Robin G. Austin
Language English
Pages: 159
Genre: Uncategorized
Series A Sasha and Sebastian Mulberry Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.26
Published: October 31st 2014 by ravZen Press

Sasha Barton and her talking British shorthair, Sebastian, inherit Grams' lovely old home in the quaint and quirky town of Mulberry. There's more than lots of rooms and antique furniture in Grams' old house. It seems that Ms. Maxine's gentleman friend Alfred is still hanging around in spirit. Before the boxes are even unpacked, Henry DuPont, the curmudgeon neighbor across the street turns up dead and Sasha is suspect number one. In exposing the truth, a Pickle goes missing, a supermodel comes to town, the dead are raised and things get dangerous for the duo sleuths. While anyone who knew DuPont would be at the top of the Henry Hit List, between menu selections, Sebastian has everyone pegged as the murderer. The Sasha and Sebastian Mystery series is a small town heart warmer and a cats-with-attitude lovers must read. Visit the author's website to download Grams' Secret Spice Mix, learn more about Mulberry and sign up for new releases and other cozy stuff.