Lost Love

Lost Love
Author: Barbara Cartland
Language English
ISBN10: 0515035882
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.41
ISBN13: 9780515035889
Published: 1972 by Pyramid

When young Lady Gwendolyn Sherbroke first meets Sir Philip Chadleigh, the devastatingly handsome Member of Parliament, she knows there is something strangely familiar about him. But she is sure she has never met him before. She had been warned: he was hopely possessed by the memory of his lost love, a beautiful girl who had died for him many years before.

No other woman, now or ever, could claim his heart. But from their first meeting, Gwendolyn was irresistibly drawn to the brooding Sir Philip. And from the very first words that she uttered to him, he found himself fascinated by her. But instinctively Gwendolyn realized the truth: it was because she reminded him of his lost love that Sir Philip now showered her with attention. Should she turn away before it was too late? But her fate had already been decided.... Is there some mysterious link between Gwendolyn's birth and the death of Sir Philip's only love which occurred within minutes of each other in adjacent buildings? Or is the supposed connection sheer conjecture on the imaginative Gwendolyn's part?