In My Father's Eyes

In My Father's Eyes
Author: Kat McCarthy
Language English
Pages: 87
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: November 6th 2013

When her life and family was torn apart by a deadly mistake she made years ago; a mistake that cost her sister Emma her life, Emily's life was nothing but full of sorrow, guilt and shame. Driven to desperation as her young life spins out of control, Emily takes up exotic dancing to make money and finds herself on the brink of disaster until she encounters Harold Villatieri, a much older man whose life holds more secrets and more sorrows than Emily can ever imagine. Through his kindness, she begins to see herself as someone with value. But can this man’s quiet faith and unquestioning belief in Emily show her a path out of the wilderness threatening to engulf her? Or will his secrets damage her the more?