Queen of the Cartel

Queen of the Cartel
Author: Michael Goins
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.02
Published: March 17th 2014 by Sullivan Productions, LLC

She was royalty. Not because of her bloodline, but because of the blood she had spilled to achieve her objectives. Not because of her birthright, but because of the successes she had achieved in what was considered a man’s world. She was willing and able to use any weapon, from a Glock to her magnificent body, a body that not only turned men’s heads, but also changed men’s minds. Her chosen trade, or the one that had been chosen for her, was drugs. She controlled every aspect of the South American cocaine trade, from production and distribution, to the strung out junkie trying to sell a hit in some darkened back alley. She was loved and hated, admired and abhorred, but always respected by every other dealer in the business. Her name --- Katrina Santiago. Her title --- Queen of the Cartels. To the people of South America, she was known as the tarantula. A deadly arachnid that killed with a frenzy. At a very young age, she and her family worked in the cocaine fields of Bogota for a man named Cardinal Castros. Cardinal Castros controlled the drug exchange coming out of South America. When his interest turned from his empire to Katrina Santiago’s eleven-year-old sister, she did what any sister would have done; she killed him and disappeared. Years later, she resurfaced with enough power to become the first female drug lord of South America. That power eventually found its way across the Atlantic into Miami, where the families on the eastern seaboard had to respect the new order. Even though she was now in control of the drug world, she would never be at peace. There was a contract for her head, passed down through two decades, and it was one that had to be filled.