Death Never Rests (Fatal Tales Book 2)

Death Never Rests (Fatal Tales Book 2)
Author: Dan Brand
Pages: 115
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: March 9th 2018

Death Never Rests The Grim Reaper doesn’t take holidays. Or even power naps. He’s the ultimate workaholic. Here’s a selection of the fruits of his labour in ten engrossing and moving fatal tales. Take a peak before you head over to Buy Now or Look Inside. Emotional Wreckage A small toy, a young boy, and a big tragedy. Well, the skeleton has well and truly come rattling out of the closet, said my inner voice. It’s taken you long enough to tell anyone. But you're in too deep to back out... A Silent Scream of Utter Despair Conman Alexi will stop at nothing to hide his shameful secret. ‘Do you intend to blackmail me? Yes or no?’ ‘Financially, no. Morally, yes.’ Days of Hate and Burning An elderly woman is forced to watch a superstitious mob kill her best friend. It’ll soon be her turn, un she can summon up a desperate flash of inspiration. They lit their firebrands with slow, taunting movements, taking turns to set the heap of wood and straw ablaze… They baited her with words too. 'Where's your master, Satan, now?' 'Burn, witch, burn!' Letting Go A mother has an unwanted legacy to pass onto her sons: a devastating family secret. You know-you hope-a specialist unit is the best place for your elderly mother when the Grim Reaper thoughtfully runs a bony finger along the flat of his scythe blade. And I tried convincing myself that the monitor was standing guard over her health. Even so, I couldn’t shake the feeling that its jarring, sinister-sounding rhythm was counting down the moments to the end. The Ceremony Through mystical practices, two monks develop almost super-human endurance.

That endurance is about to be put to the ultimate test. In the seemingly end moment before it happened, Orin, at the front of the crowd, realised what the spectators were really about to see. The anticipation both thrilled and sickened him. Going Under Sarah, a teacher at the end of her tether, contemplates a dramatic public act. But she also has a grudge to avenge. Strange... I've stood here count times, yet it's taken years to admit that what I'm about to do is even a choice, let alone commit to doing it. Why so long, when everything about this grim place is enough to seed the idea? Chimneystack Dreams In the concentration camp, Joachim enjoyed holding the godlike power of life or death over inmates. As a fugitive, the ageing Nazi realises that a greater power has made plans for him; a fate which he can neither bear nor escape.

Now, even in the waking hours, his old life had began to bleed into the new. Sometimes, he’d look out at the small, barely habitable village deep in the wilds of South America and-just for a moment-see a landscape far wild but no bleak than the near-wilderness he took refuge in. A Costly Business Wealthy, well-connected merchant Josiah Maybury doesn’t like having his shady deals revealed.

He hates it so much, he plans to murder the man who exposes him. Scrambling to his feet, furious and humiliated, he pulled a pistol from his belt. The disbelieving gasps of the watching crowd brought him to his senses. He put away the gun but, still fired-up with rage, issued a challenge. Oliver’s Blue Plaque Self-belief is a good thing. But you can have too much of a good thing.