The Seventh Wish

The Seventh Wish
Author: Toby O'Day
Language English
Pages: 173
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
Published: 2010 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Julian captures a magical horseshoe. He is assigned by the Leprechaun Council the responsibility of granting a selfish wish to six strangers.

The last wish, the seventh wish, must be his selfish wish. Not only must he choose who receives the wishes, he must also keep the golden horseshoe away from the evil trolls. Julian and his leprechaun companion, Lawrence, travel from coast to coast to fulfill the ancient legacy of the wishes and learn the many powers of the golden horseshoe. My goal in writing The Seventh Wish was to create a modern story with old fashioned values. There are no curse words in the story (well, besides clover crap and craptastic) and the most intimate exchange between characters is a kiss.

It's a story for the entire family, but especially for young adults that struggle with "what to do when I grow up". It's a story of finding personal power and priorities in our time of fast information and technology.

Toby O'Day, November 2010