The Tale of the Deadly Diary

The Tale of the Deadly Diary
Author: Brad Strickland
Language English
Pages: 130
ISBN10: 0671536737
Genre: Childrens
Series Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
ISBN13: 9780671536732
Published: July 1st 1996 by Minstrel

Revenge! It's bound in black leather with a gold lock and key, a beautiful new diary to replace the one that Elizabeth's snoopy little sister Karen read. .

.and Elizabeth destroyed in a fit of anger. This time, Karen will sneak a peek at her peril. Elizabeth has poured out a spiteful message on its gold-edged pages. "Karen, beware. This is a magic diary, and if you read it, the goblins will come to punish you." Curious, Karen reads the diary. . .and believes Elizabeth's warning. There are thumps and screams in the night. Karen has seen the goblins. . .has felt their evil breath. They are coming to get her. Elizabeth has had her revenge. Of course, there are no goblins. Or are there?