Philadelphia: Street Justice

Philadelphia: Street Justice
Author: Treasure Hernandez
Language English
Pages: 196
ISBN10: 1601625510
Genre: Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 3.74
ISBN13: 9781601625519
Published: May 28th 2013 by Urban Books

When Billie was eight years old, her father was murdered. Ever since that day, she has vowed to bring every criminal to justice, especially the man responsible for her father's death. Twenty years later, Billie is still on a mission to rid the streets of criminals. If she can't do it legally, then she takes matters into her own hands. Billie is the hottest lawyer in the district attorney's office.

Her record for winning cases is unmatched. If she keeps it up, she could one day take the top spot and become the district attorney.

Her boyfriend, Walter, is a hard-nosed detective in the Philadelphia police department. He wants more of Billie's time, but she can't give it to him because she's busy ridding the streets of criminals--and trying to keep her dark secret hidden. Can Billie have it all? Can she keep her boyfriend happy, keep her career on track, and still satisfy her lust for street justice? Treasure Hernandez, author of Flint and Baltimore Chronicles, delivers another action-packed street classic that will have readers on the edge of their seats.