Writing On The Water

Writing On The Water
Author: Jane Slavin
ISBN10: 0552997811
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.94
ISBN13: 9780552997812
Published: Published

Have you ever loved someone enough to die for them? Or even kill for them...? Jane Slavin conveys the agony of a broken heart with shocking clarity.

In Ellen Millar she has created a candid, witty and uncompromising narrator whose addiction to one man brings her close to madness.

Praise for Writing on the Water “An astonishing novel… Brilliant of the theme of obsessional love; funny, sexy, painful and totally readable.” Fay Weldon “A vivacious first novel tracing the progress of an independent young woman’s descent into obsession.” Sally Feldman (Pick of the Paperbacks, Good Housekeeping.) “Jane Slavin’s first novel has more pace and panache than any other fiction I have read this year...Slavin writes cleverly about sex and touchingly about the displacement activities of the broken-hearted. Clearly, she is indecently talented.” Rose Tremain (Daily Telegraph, Book of the Year) “A powerful and sometimes funny study of obsessional love and how corrosive it can be.” Sally Morris (Sunday Mirror, Book of the Week) “Painful, sad and funny by turn, Writing on the Water charts the course of obsessional love which drives Ellie to the edge of madness. Stunning.” (Prima Choice – Five Great reads)