Boulez on Conducting: Conversation with Cecile Gilly

Boulez on Conducting: Conversation with Cecile Gilly
Author: Pierre Boulez
Language English
Pages: 150
ISBN10: 0571219675
Genre: Music
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780571219674
Published: October 2nd 2003 by Faber Faber

Pierre Boulez is arguably the single most influential - and controversial - figure in the world of music today.

As composer, conductor and personality, his challenging views are lent a special authority by his very high standing as an interpreter of great composers such as Wagner, Debussy, Bart�k and Stravinsky. He regularly appears to great acclaim on concert platforms and in opera houses around the world. In these unique conversations with C�cile Gilly, he recalls not only the great moments of his career, but brings penetrating insights into the art of conducting, including his views on other great composer-conductors (Berlioz, Wagner, Mahler, Strauss). Boulez speaks unusually frankly about his own rapport with conductors as a composer, and how he sees the role of the conductor today.