How to be a writer, or not!

How to be a writer, or not!
Author: Ruth Watson-Morris
Language English
Pages: 30
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.33
Published: March 15th 2014 by Voxian Series - Fantasy Freaks UK

This book was 'How to be a writer, or not! But after many people seemed to have confused it with a blow by blow account of how to write a book and not just a basic beginners guide, the title has now been changed and the content updated! (Please note, this book is in UK English!) SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A BOOK? Due to popular demand this book has now been updated and some tips on how to plot and plan your first novel have been added in booklet 3. You are 1 of 82%! So why not come along and take a look at the useful tips, and the way to get yourself self published. Here is an absolute beginners guide that can show you everything from page set up, to how to actually self publish! No Frills, no complicated IT, just a purpose built book that will give you a guide that you can follow if you haven't used computers very much before. Why? Because nothing should stop your artistic flare, and everyone should have the opportunity to see their name in print if they want to! Just a few steps and you too could be an author, no pretending this is easy, just a helpful guide from someone who has done it before you. Oh yes, Good Luck! I really hope this helps.