Tale of the Century Bride Complete Box Set

Tale of the Century Bride Complete Box Set
Author: Susan G. Charles
Language English
Pages: 94
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 3.83
Published: January 15th 2014 by Susan G. Charles

This 2 book, historical vampire romance series contains some violence with sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

INSIDE: Tale of the Century Bride Complete is a paranormal romance box set of 2 Books all about a Paranormal Romance between a human and a vampire of royal blood. Contains loads of action, romance, and drama too... Are you looking for a new kind of vampire paranormal romance with a strong feminine hero? A coming of age paranormal romance thriller? A new adult romance set in a historical background? Then definitely read on. Book One: Catherine Berg, is vehemently opposed to the towns ancient ritual of the Century Bride and all dealing with a mysterious figure called Count August. What is this ritual? Please read on to find out. Book Two: Catherine has made the ultimate sacrifice and she and the Count are wed. But she soon discovers that an old and obscure prophecy will change her life, and the lives of all those around her, forever. Will they be able to adapt to the cruel changes about to control them all? This vampire historical paranormal romance 2 book series is only available on Amazon and for a short time, it's on sale right now... but only for a limited time. Order your copy today and start reading this vampire, human romance bundle instantly.