A Baby For My Billionaire Boss: The Complete Impregnation Love Story

A Baby For My Billionaire Boss: The Complete Impregnation Love Story
Author: Annie Young
Pages: 414
Genre: Family
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
Published: December 24th 2017 by Zirconia Publishing, Inc.

"I'm going to tear that dress off of you..." Winthrow Financial. The fastest growing firm on Wall Street, and I had been lucky enough to land a job there right out of college. Despite being the youngest woman on the floor, I quickly made waves in the company. Carter Winthrow, the sexiest boss a woman could ever have, noticed me quickly. When he came to meet me personally, he also took notice of my body. Within days, I was promoted to Carter's personal assistant. While the job itself was fantastic, the real perk was getting to work with Carter himself. The suave and sexy billionaire playboy managed to exude charm and confidence every time we spoke. And as I proved myself great at the job again and again, he became more and more comfortable with me. As I saw him giving to charities and holding his niece, I realized he was the ultimate alpha male. Those strong, chiseled abs and huge arms was all that the “Sexiest Bachelor” lists saw, but I saw the real man. A family man, just waiting for someone to give him that family. I knew that what I wanted, more than this job, more than a career, more than life itself, was Carter's to give. I would do anything to get Carter to give it to me. And as he took my fertile body over and over again, I knew that he wanted more than just a business partner. He wanted it all. A wife. A family. But most of all, a baby...

This novel from veteran Cassandra Zara and newcomer Annie Young contains the five serial parts of "A Baby For My Billionaire Boss", re-edited to fit together as a single story. It is a standalone novel and has a Happily Ever After. If you like sweet and steamy stories featuring impregnation, you'll love this story of a Plain Jane and a handsome billionaire falling in love.