The Zeb Dalton Boxset 1: The Zeb Dalton Military Political Thrillers 1-3 +Novella

The Zeb Dalton Boxset 1: The Zeb Dalton Military   Political Thrillers 1-3 +Novella
Author: Wayne C Stewart
Pages: 880
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: December 18th 2017

One day you're minding your own business as a print shop salesman. The next, you're trying to keep America and China from exploding in a mutual firestorm of heat and light.

Meet Zeb Dalton. The Afghan/Iraq Wars Vet just watched his hometown and native soil claimed by a foreign power. 50,000 Chinese boots. Not a single shot fired.

Having escaped the greater Seattle area via treacherous mountain terrain, Dalton's preparing to go back in--to what is now hostile, occupied territory. Setting things straight will test the retired signal corpsman like never before, challenged by the dual threat of invading nation-state and his own turbulent past. In the end, geopolitical powers collide and the only options remaining are the unthinkable, with Zeb's finger hovering over the proverbial button. And that's just Book 1. A tech billionaire madman bearing a weaponized ancient Mayan scourge. A southern media mogul believing he can bring true peace to the world as judge, jury, and executioner. America's first female president and a former Army sniper waging her particular brand of just-warfare. Then, just for fun, let's finish it off with a backstory work set during Dalton's first years in the military. Exposed to breathtaking injustice in the border town turned warzone of Ciudad Juarez, he finds himself way in over his head...

and the only hope for a group of young innocents. From the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the intrigue of Mainland China. Belize, Montenegro, DC, Historic Wittenberg Germany, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Fascinating settings. Complex, believable characters that garner loyalty or disdain. For fans of the Jacks (Reacher, Ryan, Bauer), this series is a must-read.

No easy answers.

Everyday heroes. Breakneck speed from start to finish in the series reviewers rave: "Brings the reader to the edge of a literary precipice." Get the box set today.

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