Black Wolf

Black Wolf
Author: Philip Caveney
Language English
ISBN10: 0747240825
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.83
ISBN13: 9780747240822
Published: May 2nd 2008 by Headline

Mark Taylor is the hot new horror writer, and count readers are eagerly awaiting his next bestselling novel featuring Black Wolf. When Mark receives a fawning note from an Americaqn fan, he unwisely writes stright back with a signed photo. But this friendly gesture provokes a deluge of letters becoming increasingly werid and rambling. Clearly the man is an obsessive misfit that identifies much too closely with the novel's violent supernatural hero. Distracted by personal problems, Mark loses patience, and fails to notice the mounting psychosis of his 'number-one' fan.

He cannot know that a small US town is already terrorised by a spate of bizarre deaths dubbed 'the wolfman murders'. Nor can he predict that London will soon suffer its own sequence of grisly killings - each one modelled on the dark workings of Mark's imagination.

Will the author fall prey to a monster of his own creation?