Evil Allure

Evil Allure
Author: Rhea Wilde
Language English
Pages: 206
Genre: Fantasy
Series Across the Wolf
Goodreads Rating: 3.38
Published: November 27th 2013 by Rhea Wilde

"I was never one to go looking for trouble. But trouble always found me..." With nowhere to go and nobody left to turn to, Ariel Everhart is forced into a new way of life as a waitress at a local bar in the city.

The city slums are no place for a young girl. A string of macabre murders has the city on edge. Ariel can't walk the streets without the threat of potential violence. One night, she meets a mysterious man named Vaughn. Ariel is intrigued by the handsome blonde man, his blue eyes having an inexplicable hypnotizing effect on her. But as things progress between the two of them, Vaughn seems reluctant to act upon his feelings for a reason Ariel can't figure out. Later on, Ariel meets police detective Irvine Gold.

Irvine is investigating the murders and seems curious about Ariel. Wondering why she's been singled out, Ariel learns that she may be in danger and the murders in the city may have more to do with her than she realizes.

Ariel's instincts begin to tell her that Vaughn may be someone else besides who he says he is. "Evil Allure" is a paranormal romantic thriller about a young woman who learns that the truth can be more unbelievable than she could possibly imagine. This steamy werewolf romance contains some strong language that may offend some readers.