The Event

The Event
Author: Tori Shannon
Pages: 172
Goodreads Rating: 4.23
Published: March 31st 2018 by Uncorking a Story

One marriage is extinguished, a new spark ignites. Terry and Libby Gardner’s marriage is on the rocks. He’s charging hard to make partner in his law firm but finds ambition comes at a cost—his wife’s fidelity. Libby feels as if her husband has abandoned her for a mistress named work and reacts by cutting him off both emotionally and sexually. Libby is keenly aware that she’s become a living cliché of Westport, Connecticut’s yoga wives by fantasizing about having an affair with her in-home personal trainer, Jack Gregory, known by his female clients as The Rock of Westport. She’s had some near misses over the years, but Jack’s frequent presence in her home is becoming irresistible. Terry’s decision to take a business trip in place of attending Libby’s long-planned art exhibition is all the justification she needs to turn her fantasies into reality.

The Event is the debut erotic novel from Tori Shannon. By day she’s a mainstream fiction writer.

At night, though, the candles are lit, the wine is poured, and the cliterature is crafted as her imagination runs wild. She excels at crafting colorful characters whose struggles are real and painting vivid scenes that you can taste, smell, and feel. She knows what you like and gives it to you until you just can’t take any more, and then pushes just a little bit deeper.