I Want You to See

I Want You to See
Author: Gordon Laws
Pages: 146
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
Published: April 9th 2018

“The dreams and stuff. I guess they’ve started for you. First night here, right?” “People always dream,” Jim said. “It was just kind of vivid.” Isabella put the bite in her mouth and chewed. “But not like they do here. Here, your dreams are reality. All this other stuff . . . the classes, the food, the people . .


all this other stuff is fake. Meant to make you feel comfortable.

Used to routine. The dreams are the thing. That’s the whole secret to this place.” Carl Sanders is not the rehab counselor Jim Rogers expected, and his study partner, Isabella Saenz, is definitely hiding something. And then, of course, there are the dreams. Dreams of the past. Dreams of things that have never been, people he has never known, events that may or may not be real. With each dream, Jim draws closer to a truth he cannot acknowledge, a violence he cannot speak of, pain he cannot bear. With him each step is Isabella, gradually opening to him her own dark truths in order to pull his out. But the darkness that haunted him and stalked him is now after people he loves. Can he learn to see in time?