Gods and Kings Trilogy

Gods and Kings Trilogy
Author: M.J. Porter
Language English
Pages: 714
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: September 7th 2016

The epic Gods and Kings trilogy contains Haedfeld, Maserfeld and Winwaed. 12th October 632.

A frigid, short, winter’s day that will change the fate of the many petty kingdoms in Britain in the seventh century, for fans of Bernard Cornwell, , the Vikings and Game of Thrones. At its beginning, two great alliances race toward each other through the winter gloom, to make war in the name of religion and politics, two thousand men in total. By the end of the day, only one great alliance will stand, whilst family loyalty, prowess in battle, and faith will been tested, and found wanting in many. The seventh century in Britain, but not as it’s ever been told before. Bloody, brutal, honest, revealing – an insight into the minds of the men who wanted to rule, would kill to do so, and who would use the politics of ‘faith’ to do so. Gods and Kings is a story of epic proportions, when warriors became kings in battle, retained their kingdom through conflict or lost their kingdom on the edge of the next king’s blade. “A genius look into the minds of the men in the Dark Ages,” “terrific,” “the telling of the battle is gripping.” A trilogy charting the rise and rise of Penda of Mercia, mighty pagan warrior and the heel in the Kings of the Golden Age of Northumbria, the kings the great Anglo-Saxon historian Bede regaled as ‘Bretwaldas’ (wide-rulers) – Edwin, Oswald and Oswiu – the Christianising kings, the men he admired to the detriment of those who were truly born to rule and favored by their Pagan Gods, men such as Penda of Mercia. All men will be tested, and not all men will survive. Gods and Kings is a story of three great battles, and the ruth men who understood that politics and battle went hand in hand in creating the kingdom they wanted to rule. The Gods and Kings trilogy is a tale of family and enemies, and never truly knowing which is which until the converging of bloody blades in battle.