Gender Swap Collection

Gender Swap Collection
Author: Candy Banger
Pages: 115
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 6th 2017

Forbidden Erotic Gender Swap Kink Bundle A scorching hot erotic bundle of six saucy stories of gender swap seduction! Contains the following: 1. GENDER SWAP MAGIC A dark tale of gender swap discovery and erotic awakening! When John is humiliated by his best friend Brad in front of sexy Rosa, he vows to take his revenge. Little does he know the (sexy) shape that revenge will take. Cursed by powerful magic, John begins to see life from a whole new perspective.

The powerful horny energy of his new body is impossible to deny. 2. JOCK GENDER SWAP A sexy, sporty tale. Too ashamed to shower with the rest of his soccer team, Simon has always been an outsider, lusting after the sexy wife of Dan, the team's star striker. Giving a whole new meaning to the term 'changing room', Simon undergoes a dramatic, erotic transformation. The carnal passion of his new form drives him to make some rash, but fulfilling decisions! 3. SWAPPED AT THE OFFICE Rik is having a very bad day. Fired from work by his perverted boss, he decides to drown his sorrows at a strange old bar. That's where he meets Sonya, a woman with strange, erotic powers and dark secret. She gives him a chance to get his own back on his awful ex-boss, and makes sure that he never sees the world in the same way again. 4. POP STAR GENDER SWAP Brad is the cheeky but loveable one in a successful boy band, along with Gary (the angry one) and Mark (the boring one). As they get changed backstage before the last show of their tour, Brad gets changed in more ways than one...

But will the guys like their new female band member? And more importantly, will she bring the band together? 5. SWAPPED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE Pete, an awkward, short, uncomfortable-in-his-own-skin sort of guy, lands his dream job, working as an assistant to a billionaire boss in a lavish mansion. Desperate to please his new boss and keep his job, he'll do whatever it takes... Lord Worcester, the sexy, steely and confident billionaire, has only one thing in mind for Rob: to make him into the woman of his dreams. But once Pete becomes a woman (Crystal), just how much of Lord Worcester's teasing can Crystal take, before she has to beg him to take her? 6. BECOMING THE BRIDE Adam is getting married in the morning. But this is not how he expected his stag party to turn out. Bored with all the boneheads at his stag do, Adam's evening is suddenly spiced up when he finds himself able to make a wish.

Upon discovering that he has become a beautiful, buxom woman at his own stag party, Adam is filled by an insatiable lust that only his stags can help to satisfy... ------ This saucy bundle is bursting to the brim with over 30,000 words of hot gender-swapping exploits, including feminisation, bimbofication, masturbation, and other explicit content. INCREDIBLE VALUE! These stories normally sell for $2.99 each!