White Noise

White Noise
Author: Jonathan Green
Language English
Pages: 78
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Pax Britannia
Goodreads Rating: 3.88
Published: September 18th 2012 by Abaddon Books

Ulysses Quicksilver: agent of the throne, dandy and hero. Heart-broken, battered, mutilated and shot, he's been driven backwards and forwards in time, and his latest adventure is taking him across Steampunk Paris... Time's Arrow: White Noise concludes this exciting experiment in which readers were invited to decide the course of the story! In the tradition of Charles Dickens himself, Abaddon Books has published Time's Arrow in three ebook instalments. At the end of parts one and two, readers were able to vote on how the adventure progressed via the Abaddon Books website at www.abaddonbooks.com. The entire text will be published in a paperback edition this autumn. This is the third and final book, Time's Arrow: White Noise, in which the city of Paris faces destruction, and our hero is faced with a deadly dilemma. But is Cadence Bettencourt to be trusted or not? Is she the friend she appears to be, or does she have a hidden agenda in offering to help our hero?