Easy World Magic Lessons: How I Learned to Trust the Universe and How You Can Too, Book 1

Easy World Magic Lessons: How I Learned to Trust the Universe and How You Can Too, Book 1
Author: Julia Rogers Hamrick
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Published: December 7th 2012 by New Realities Publsihing

The Easy World Magic ons series features inspiring, uplifting, true accounts of one woman's spiritual awakening and development and the transformational ons to be drawn from them. Over a period of more than three decades, Julia Rogers Hamrick has been keeping a record of the magical, synchronistic, consensus-reality-defying events that have contributed to her spiritual awakening and growth into one of today's most beloved, leading-edge spiritual authors and teachers. In the telling of these very personal—and yet, universal—stories, Julia shows readers how she developed her rock-solid faith in the perfect provision of the Universe, and offers insights that will encourage and support them in developing their own. From her true tales of magical manifestations, miracle healings, experience of cosmic consciousness and the receiving of profound spiritual insights, readers will not only find Julia's fascinating spiritual path a joy to read about, but be empowered in their own journeys. Each chapter begins with the stories themselves—"The Magic"—and concludes with "The ons," which elucidate and build on the events in the stories, with questions for readers to ponder. Written with Julia's trademark candor and openheartedness, these first-person stories and ons are infused with love, warmth and spirit. Because Julia has received great support and inspiration from reading the true stories of others' adventures in spirit, a driving force in her sharing her own is to provide an immersion in higher-vibrational energy so that readers are able to effortly escape "Difficult World" and spend time in "Easy World" while being entertained with her spiritual escapades. Book 1 of the series features Julia's international adventures in dramatic spiritual awakening, her miraculous healing, her encounters with the jet set, and her challenges in becoming a mystic while fitting into ordinary life back in the USA.