Daughter of A Street Lord 2: Harlem & Akon

Daughter of A Street Lord 2: Harlem & Akon
Author: Kiara Elston
Goodreads Rating: 4.87
Published: April 1st 2018 by Shan Presents, LLC

Harlem and Akon are back with this twisted love story, but what happened at her parents’ house the day she told them she was pregnant with Akon’s child? Whose gun went off, and who will be left standing in the end? Will Money’s real enemy come forward, or will he be too blinded by love to watch how he moves? Is Money really next in line for the street crown, or is it all hearsay? Is Harlem finally going to see that everyone you call a friend doesn’t always have your back? Will Harlem show that she was raised by a true boss, or will she continue to be a pampered princess? Join Money and Harlem again as they take you on a journey where lines will be crossed and watching your back is a must.