Loving this Jersey Hustla

Loving this Jersey Hustla
Author: Zha'Kirah
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.32
Published: June 9th 2016 by Treasure Bee Presents

Siblings Torian and Khamiyah are two peas in a pod; yet they are as different as day and night. Even though their parents gave them whatever their hearts desired Torian still felt the need to turn to the cold hard streets. Being the older brother Torian made himself a promise to always provide and protect his younger sister. Once Torian got a taste of the fast money and even faster woman there was no slowing down for him. Khamiyah is drop dead gorgeous but she’s always second guessing herself. In a world full of a million people she still feels alone. Even though her and her brother live two different life styles Khamiyah always finds herself caught up in Torian’s mix. Sasha loves Torian’s dirty draws, there is nothing she won’t do for her first and only love but everything isn’t always about him.

Sasha’s battling her own skeletons on top of her drama with Torian. It’s hard dealing with a young nigga getting money and even though Sasha is his first lady she’s not so sure love is enough to make her stay.

The worst thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy, and when it comes to loyalty everybody has their own definition. Family aint family, Friends turn into enemies and secrets will be exposed.