Heart of Cyberpaths

Heart of Cyberpaths
Author: KaiKazi
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: January 2017 by Kai Kazi Studio

Heart of Cyberpaths is the third book in the Human Tragedy Series, which is a series of ten standalone tragedies each focusing on a unique Human Tragedy by Canadian author, musician, and filmmaker; Kai Kazi. In Heart of Cyberpaths; for two young women the internet proves to be a dangerous place when they fall prey to a new breed of hunter – the Cyberpath. Though they want different things both predators use the same techniques; manipulation, threats, psychological abuse, and both girls come to the very brink. As each struggles to win her own battles the nature of the beasts they face becomes clearer, and the value of strong family ties is brought to the fore. Both their families must struggle with the emotional and social fallout that follows, but can they do anything to take back the power? The rise of social media has presented an unprecedented emergence of new crime, and whilst legislators around the world have often rushed to close loopholes and create laws for criminal acts solely confined to the online world, it seems that one grave area remains disturbingly un-confronted. Within Heart of Cyberpaths, Canadian author, musician and filmmaker Kai Kazi explores the unnerving world of the online psychopath – who can ominously bring about the most severe of consequences.

For all too many the divide between the online realm and the ‘real’ world is often a matter between life and death, as well as between a life-sentence for murder, and being free from punishment.