Paper Heart

Paper Heart
Author: Aileen Arrington
Language English
ISBN10: 1932425616
Genre: Contemporary
Goodreads Rating: 3.56
ISBN13: 9781932425611
Published: October 1st 2006 by Front Street, Incorporated

A girl must find a way to lead a normal life despite her overbearing mother in this Society of School Librarians International Honor Book. On cold days Nadia isn't allowed to play outside at recess with the other sixth-graders.

She can't bring a friend home after school un they promise to sit quietly playing cards. Mama reminds her again and again, she's not like other kids—her heart can't take the strain. When her teacher announces that the class will put on a play, Nadia is excited—at last something she can do! It will change everything: she will be Nadia the amazing actress, not Nadia the sick kid. Maybe it will even convince Mama to drop her plans to home-school her. But Nadia doesn't get a part in the play. When she learns that her mother asked the teacher to keep her from participating, she beings digging around for answers. Just exactly what is wrong with her heart? In the process of searching for the truth, Nadia finds the inner strength to get help for herself and Mama.