How to Train your German Shepherd

How to Train your German Shepherd
Author: Max Hofmann
Language English
Pages: 26
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: 2012 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Training your German Shepherd requires time, effort, and professional know-how to achieve success. Whether you are a current German Shepherd owner, considering becoming an owner, or already have your hands full with a German Shepherd puppy dog, this guide is your ultimate resource. Enhance your life, and the life of your dog, by avoiding common training mistakes that can lead to unhappy pets and loss of control inside and outside of the home. This comprehensive owners guide provides you with the most important information, resources, and training strategies needed to successfully raise and care for your German Shepherd. From choosing the right German Shepherd puppy, to proper care and exercise regimens, the information within this guide will serve as your ultimate "go to" guide forever. Everything You Need to Raise a Happy German Shepherd , All In One Place. • The Right and Wrong Reasons for Owning a German Shepherd • Breed Overview and Ownership Expectations • All About German Shepherd Puppies • Basic Commands (What Works, What Doesn't) • House training 101 and Beyond • Caring for Young Adult Huskies • Caring for Adult Huskies • Preparing Your Home for a German Shepherd • Common German Shepherd Training Problems • Aggression, Biting, Chewing, Nipping, Jumping, and More • How to Keep Your Dog Healthy, Safe, and Happy • Common German Shepherd Health Problems • Caring for German Shepherd Health Issues • Exercise & Activity Expectations Much more! Purchase How To Train Your German Shepherd today and avoid severe behavior issues, costly medical bills, anxiety, and lack of control. This guide will prepare you for a happy and healthy life with your new best friend. Don't just hope for the best, Guarantee Excellent Results.

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