Poison Pen

Poison Pen
Author: James Kisner
Language English
Pages: 320
ISBN10: 0821730967
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.17
ISBN13: 9780821730966
Published: August 1st 1990 by Zebra

The folks at the seance hung on Tricia Mumford's every word. They were believers. Everybody except Roger Kant: He was a skeptic. He didn't believe in psychic phenomena, and he especially didn't believe in Tricia Mumford, the world-famous trance medium. Roger made a career of debunking fakes like Tricia; now he'd have a field day. He'd write a book, exposing her trickery. He'd speak on the radio, too.

He'd tell the truth... Then the violent headaches began--the small accidents--the nightmares--the horrific visions. Roger the skeptic shrugged it all off as mere coincidence; maybe he'd been working too hard. Then he started getting panic attacks when he spoke on the radio. And he couldn't write a word... Someone--something--was determined to teach Roger Kant just what was real and what wasn't. The hard way. And the ons were just beginning...