Arrogant Invader

Arrogant Invader
Author: Jenny Arden
Language English
Pages: 186
ISBN10: 0373031157
Genre: Harlequin
Goodreads Rating: 3.73
ISBN13: 9780373031153
Published: March 1st 1991 by Harlequin

She thought she was perfectly safe from Jeb There had never been much love lost between Gwenyth Morgan and Jeb Hunter. Jeb might be successful, but he was also arrogant and ruth, running her father's old quarry with a single-minded desire for profit. Now, happily engaged to Marc and planning a future in France, Gwenyth was certain Jeb would have no further power to antagonize her, to turn her dreams upside down.

But that was before Jeb declared that he wanted her. . . .