Loving Cassie

Loving Cassie
Author: JoMarie DeGioia
Language English
Genre: Contemporary
Series Cypress Corners
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: July 15th 2016

The girl with a knack for getting into trouble The guy who comes to her rescue again and again Can he be the one to save her from herself? Or is she too much to handle? Cassie Chapman finally caught her father’s attention when racy photos of her hit the tabloids. She comes to Cypress Corners to get a job and find herself. She reconnects with her family but doesn’t believe she deserves their faith in her. Or their love. Ty Walsh makes sure the animals at Cypress thrive in their habitats. He can’t resist Cassie’s combination of boldness and vulnerability. As he rescues her from wild animals and her own enthusiasm, he sees there’s so much more to her than she thinks. Can Ty prove to Cassie that she can find herself with him? Or will she let her past mistakes cost her the life she was just starting to build? *ISBN 9780989980197 Print ISBN 9780989980180 ebook ASIN B00VRYJSW4 Alternate Cover Edition