Dawn of The Witches (To Darkness Bound Book 1)

Dawn of The Witches (To Darkness Bound Book 1)
Author: Anthony Quill
Language English
Pages: 80
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: November 18th 2014

Alice, Jazz and Ruby: Three ordinary young women with no idea of the powers that lie within them. A chance meeting brings them together and before they know what's happening, they are pussy deep in sex, magic, demons and murder.

Because Alice, Jazz and Ruby are not as ordinary as they appear. They are, in fact, the first Witches Trinity in over a thousand years... "Dawn of The Witches" is 24,000 words in length and is the first novella in the "To Darkness Bound" series which continues with "Day of The Witches" and "Night of The Witches".

The series includes graphic sex of scenes, along with some scenes of horror. Dawn features a lot of female-female sex and some male-female sex, with explicit scenes from the start. "Dawn of The Witches" introduces you to the three main characters, and hints at the bigger things to come...