What Is Telekinesis? - A How To Telekinesis Guide For Beginners - Limited Edition

What Is Telekinesis? -  A How To Telekinesis Guide For Beginners - Limited Edition
Author: Nicolas Holder
Language English
Pages: 52
Genre: Reference
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: December 24th 2012

“Space and time are not the conditions in which we live, they are simply modes in which we think” – Albert Einstein There are still millions of questions on this world that we still do not have answers to. Each year a new mathematic formula is created, physics pushes the boundaries further beyond Einstein and Newton ever imagined, a new disease takes numerous lives, dozens of new species of both plants and animals are found… Nature simply has its mechanisms that we cannot so easily explain. But probably the most complicated of nature’s mechanisms is – the human. Just how much do we really know about our existence? Sure enough, we know a great detail about our own anatomy. Why? Because it is the material part of us, we can see it, feel it, explore it and experiment with it. But is that really all that we are? Can there be anything more about a human being beyond our physical structure? What about the mind, the soul and the untapped side of our brain? Through out time there have been many people who have dabbled and shown skills with ESP. In today's age of information technology and media we have an end stream of information on the topic of Telekinesis that previous generations did not have access too. This Telekinesis guide is a compilation of scientific and spiritual studies uncovered through history and years of research. In this book you will discover: - What telekinesis actually is? - The history of telekinesis and scientific studies - The mystery behind ESP and telekinesis - Is telekinesis possible? – the link between quantum physics and the power of the mind - The theory behind Telekinesis - Visualization and the power of the mind - Case studies of famous mediums - 4 methods to develop your own telekinesis ability Learning how to preform telekinesis isn't the simplest thing it takes work, concentration, focus and practice. Many people do not even believe it is possible but how do they know? Have you ever met anyone who has actually taken the time out and tried to develop this ability? No? Try it for yourself, be persistent, who knows what you could uncover. My fascination with telekinesis began when i moved a coin. I dare you to try the principles in this book, become familiar with the concepts and scientific theory and be persistent.