Lifelike Heads: Discover your "inner artist" as you learn to draw portraits in graphite

Lifelike Heads: Discover your
Author: Lance Richlin
Language English
Pages: 64
ISBN10: 1600580661
Genre: Art
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
ISBN13: 9781600580666
Published: September 1st 2008 by Walter Foster Publishing

Learn to draw amazingly realistic portraits in seven easy stagesThis book is the perfect guide for creating lifelike representations of the human head in graphite. Experienced artist Lance Richlin begins by explaining drawing tools and materials, shading techniques, and the important anatomical structures of the head. Following these basics, he shows how to light the subject, block in and render each feature of the face, and address a variety of expressions-from subtle smiles to toothy grins.

Then he guides the reader through four impressive projects, showing how to develop a lifelike head drawing in seven simple stages: the lay-in, plumb lines, volume, outline, tonal pattern, value, and finishing. Readers also will find an in-depth troubleshooting section to help them identify and solve any problems that en the realism and accuracy of their drawings.

In an age full of technological shortcuts, this book emphasizes drawing from life and seeks to preserve the methods of the old masters.