Concepts for Nursing Practice (with Pageburst Digital Book Access on Vst)

Concepts for Nursing Practice (with Pageburst Digital Book Access on Vst)
Author: Jean Foret Giddens
Language English
Pages: 576
ISBN10: 0323083765
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
ISBN13: 9780323083768
Published: March 30th 2012 by Mosby

Concepts for Nursing Practice is a groundbreaking new title by Jean Giddens, a leading expert on conceptual teaching and learning in nursing education.?Offered as digtial book plus print copy package, Concepts for Nursing Practice uses a simplified, intuititve approach to connect concepts across the entire nursing curriculum, making this an ideal companion for Elsevier nursing textbooks. Fifty-three of the most important concepts, written by leading subject matter experts, ?are organized into three units.?Unit One?covers patient profile concepts, which are the concepts that lay the foundation for a patient-centered approach to nursing. Unit Two, the core of the content, emphasizes biophysical and psychosocial concepts that relate to individuals seeking health care. The focus of these concepts is on the health-and-illness continuum across the lifespan. Unit Three covers concepts related to professionalism and the whole of the healthcare system related to the delivery of health care, professional aspects of nursing, and health policy. This unit also covers the QSEN competencies. Original full-color illustrations and model cases depict the principles of each concept and show how concepts are related. A list of exemplars in each concept chapter convey the?most common health conditions or situations pertaining to the concept.