Visit To Heaven: My Heavenly Experience

Visit To Heaven: My Heavenly Experience
Author: David S.Okuwa
Language English
Pages: 75
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 27th 2015 by WestBow Press

Visit to Heaven: My Heavenly Experience contains in-depth knowledge of what the author, David S. Okuwa, saw when the Lord Jesus allowed him to visit heaven. It contains a clear description of what he saw and heard as he walked around and explored the part of heaven he saw himself in—from the escalator, to the gate of heaven, and behind the gate—inside heaven itself. This book explains the events that were going on as David entered heaven, starting from the time the angel at the gate looked for his name in the big living book on the table in front of the gate of heaven to the time he entered heaven and saw some of the heavenly residents near the gate going about their business. Some were also having discussions. There were angels around the gate, and an angel flew above the gate to touch an individual that entered heaven looking tired, beaten up, and bleeding around his mouth. The individual was immediately transformed as soon as the angel touched him from behind. David experienced other parts of heaven as well—the houses, mountains, valleys, and beautiful scenery. There were children learning the Bible at the park; his grandmother gave him messages for the world, and two angels were standing guard at the entrance to the church in heaven.

The author also shares a bit about hell and how not to end up there after our life on earth. This book contains a detailed description of heaven as seen by David S.

Okuwa. Read on to learn more about David’s experiences in heaven and what he saw and heard.