Booted and Suited

Booted and Suited
Author: Chris Brown
Language English
Pages: 444
ISBN10: 1844547469
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
ISBN13: 9781844547463
Published: August 15th 2009 by John Blake

The 1970s brought in an era of shaved hair, funky music, and violent sport, and Chris Brown was in the thick of it. The regulation haircut, clip-on braces, shrunk Levis, and bovver boots—he had the look that every self-respecting bovver boy tried for, and he launched himself into the culture of the decade with a passion. This is a story of those times, of the adrenaline-packed Saturday outings, Tonik suits, terraces, and The Maytals, of race riots, safety pins, and The Clash by way of P.

Funk, platform shoes, and discos.