The Making of Major

The Making of Major
Author: Mrs. Frank Lee
Pages: 140
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Published: January 13th 2017 by Travelyn Publishing

Published originally in 1913 by David C. Cook Publishing Co., in Elgin, Illinois, “The Making of Major” is an exciting, delightful, deeply satisfying novel about a family of West Michiganders—three orphans and their aunt—who decide to emigrate to Kansas in the 1880s to take advantage of the Homestead Act. Their adventures and misadventure while “proving up” on their homestead claim are written with special concentration on the youngest of the children, thirteen-year-old Major, whose character and courage are tested and not found wanting. In fact, the family’s difficulties in Kansas only seem to make him stronger, honing his character instead of weakening it. Hence the title. The style and moral messages of this novel will remind you of Horatio Alger or George Alfred Henty, both contemporaries of Mrs. Frank Lee. Whether adult or young adult, this is a book you will probably have trouble putting down. Preparing old books for digital publication is a labor of love at Travelyn Publishing.

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