Influence (Rise to Power, Search for Pride, #5)

Influence (Rise to Power, Search for Pride, #5)
Author: Destiny Blaine
Language English
Pages: 105
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: September 15th 2014 by eXtasy Books

Ariela arranges a meeting with her first mates and Lane Livingston prevents the reunion. Afterward, Jagger lures Ariela away from Lane’s home by using her one weakness against her. Mates reunite and Lane witnesses it all. Feeling betrayed, Lane calls upon a former submissive to make Ariela jealous. During makeup sex, Lane reveals his truest feelings and Ariela becomes agitated. The next day, she is determined to see Jagger, Leon, and Sanchez, but her morning at Pride’s Casino doesn’t go as planned when an old langle enemy surfaces. Soon, everything Ariela wants is within her reach, but only Lane can protect their forming pride, a pride steeped in uncertainty, but bound together by a circle of commitment and enduring love.