Zen Buddhism : 5O Spiritual Teachings From Buddhist To Enlightenment And True Happiness

Zen Buddhism : 5O Spiritual Teachings From Buddhist To Enlightenment And True Happiness
Author: Kellie Sullivan
Pages: 50
Genre: Buddhism
Goodreads Rating: 2.67
Published: June 9th 2016

Zen Buddhism- The Secrets Will Be Revealed! A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time + 5 FREE Bonus Inside For A Limited Time Only For Buddha, the path to a true happiness starts from the understanding of suffering’s root causes. Those people who are considering Buddha a pessimist due to his concern with the suffering have missed the right point. As a matter of fact, Buddha is a very skillful doctor and he can immediately break the bad news of suffering, but still prescribes proactive treatment course. In this representation, the medicine is Buddha’s teachings of companies and wisdom known as the Dharma, as well as the nurses that show and encourage us to take our medicine are the Sangha or Buddhist community. However, the illness can only be treated if the patient is willing to follow the advices and the course of treatment laid by the doctor (Buddha) – the Eightfold Path as the core that involves the control of mind. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to know the spiritual teachings from the Buddhist to Enlightenment and true happiness Read, learn and be enlightened by the spiritual teachings from the Buddhist in order to experience and acquire your true happiness! Are you ready to achieve that ZEN and have a greater peace of mind? Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book: Who is Buddha? The Eightfold Path to Happiness Pieces of Buddhist Wisdom towards the Path of Life’s Transformation Spiritual Buddhist Teachings For Clarity and Enlightenment Of The Mind Buddhist Spiritual Teachings for Living A Happy Life Life-Changing Spiritual Teachings from Buddha for True Happiness And much, much more! Take Action Today and Create a more serene and peaceful life with our easy practical techniques! Click the "Buy now with 1-Click" to the right and get this short guide immediately