Outside the Dog Museum

Outside the Dog Museum
Author: Jonathan Carroll
Language English
Pages: 267
ISBN10: 0765311852
Genre: Fiction
Series Answered Prayers
Goodreads Rating: 3.98
ISBN13: 9780765311856
Published: June 1st 2005 by Orb Books

Harry Radcliffe is a brilliant prize-winning architect---witty and remarkable. He's also a self-serving opportunist, ready to take advantage of whatever situations, and women, come his way. But now, newly divorced and having had an inexplicable nervous breakdown, Harry is being wooed by the extremely wealthy Sultan of Saru to design a billion-dollar dog museum. In Saru, he finds himself in a world even madder and more unreal than the one he left behind, and as his obsession grows, the powers of magic weave around him, and the implications of his strange undertaking grow more ominous and astounding....