Windows Annoyances: Taking Charge of Win95 and WinNT 4.0

Windows Annoyances: Taking Charge of Win95 and WinNT 4.0
Author: David A. Karp
Language English
Pages: 300
ISBN10: 1565922662
Genre: Computer Science
Goodreads Rating: 2.17
ISBN13: 9781565922662
Published: January 8th 1997 by O'Reilly Media

Windows Annoyances, a comprehensive resource for intermediate to advanced users of Windows 95 and NT 4.0, details step-by-step how to customize your Win95/NT operating systems through an extensive collection of tips, tricks, and workarounds. Learn how to customize every aspect of your Win95/NT system, far beyond the intentions of Microsoft. Programmers and network administrators will appreciate the information in this book. Even advanced users will find it intriguing. All of the extensive details have been laid out in a simple, direct format that intermediate to advanced users can follow with ease. Features that can be found in both Win95 and WinNT 4.

0 are covered: Customize your PC by learning methods of backing up, repairing, compressing, and transferring portions of the Registry. For Win95 users, discover how Plug and Play, the technology that makes Win95 so compatible, can save you time and improve the way you interact with your computer. Explore an exhaustive collection of tips and tricks for customizing the new interface of Win95/NT. Learn how to benefit from the new 32-bit software and hardware drivers that support such features as improved multitasking and long filenames. You will also find topics ranging from useful keyboard shortcuts to ways you can format floppies faster, more reliably, and with greater capacity. Networking in Win95/NT is an issue for many users, but this book covers in detail everything from dialing into the Internet to connecting two computers across a peer-to-peer network! This book even provides instructions for capatilizing on security and multiple-user settings for Win95 and WinNT. You will also discover ways of acquiring and using third-party software and utilities to tackle some of the more complex workarounds, requiring a minimum investment in both time and money. Windows Annoyances not only shows you step-by-step how to personally customize your Win95/NT operating systems, it provides you with the ability to troubleshoot common problems, thus giving you immense control over the operating system.

(Note: This book is not replaced by Windows 98 Annoyances.

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