The Bear's Guide to Depilatory Wax

The Bear's Guide to Depilatory Wax
Author: Barry Lowe
Language English
Pages: 54
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: by Loveyoudivine ALterotica

He was the ugly face of twinkdom – until he discovered he was a swan. Blurb: Esben has been the ugly duckling all his life, suffering the derision of his family and his schoolmates.

In adult life, even his best friends talk about him disparagingly to his face, calling him butt ugly, playing cruel jokes on him, until one night they go too far. Humiliated beyond all endurance, drunk and alone, he decides to end it all but finds he is too chicken even for that. A few drinks are all the courage he needs, or so he thinks.

He heads to the nearest bar where his misery is finally laid to rest.