The Last Whale

The Last Whale
Author: Chris Pash
Language English
Pages: 240
ISBN10: 1921361328
Genre: Nonfiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.16
ISBN13: 9781921361326
Published: September 1st 2008 by Fremantle Press

At the end of the 1970s, one young reporter bears witness to the final days of Australia’s whaling industry. Thirty years after the last whale was captured and slaughtered in Australia, this incisive account tells the very human story of the characters and events that brought whaling to an end. This fair and balanced account portrays the raw adventure of going to sea, the perils of being a whaler, and the commitment that leads activists to throw themselves into the path of an explosive harpoon. Accompanied by a wonderful photographic record of the time, this is the action-packed history of a town reliant on whaling dollars pitted against a determined band of protesters.