Lion Born (Born of Isis ,#3)

Lion Born (Born of Isis ,#3)
Author: Deloris Nash
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 1.00
Published: December 20th 2017 by Siren Publishing

Malachi Adorn is the last Barbary lion shifter who was adopted by the Society after his pride was massacred. He is one of elite sentinels, warriors sworn to uphold the laws of the Changelings. He is recovering from the wounds inflicted by rogue shifters. Shauna Wren is the daughter of a lion pride alpha and a tigress. A rare female hybrid shifter, but considered an abomination by those who think hybrids should not exist. But the threat to her is nearer than the pride thinks.

When she is kidnapped by the same rogue who ambushed him, Malachi is sent by the council to rescue her. As soon as he scents her, his feral side is aroused and the rescue turns into something more. Shauna is his true mate, the one he thought he would never have. But their enemies are still out there, and their plot for revenge still threatens their future.