Dennis Brandon

Dennis Brandon
Author: Eskil Balkisson
Pages: 1017
Goodreads Rating: 1.00
Published: December 22nd 2017

I was on the hill behind the village minding my father's sheep. I could see the small village to the south. The market was full of people. Beyond the village I could see the tower which had just been built in the monastery. This tower had been built because we had heard about the vikings. They had attacked and destroyed a village and monastery to the north. In this tower we could store our valuables and the people could shelter. There was a strong wind blowing from the north and I watched the waves dash against the rocks. Far out at sea I could see a tiny object. At first I thought it was one of our fishing boats returning but as it came closer I could see a brightly coloured sail. It was a viking ship! There was no time to lose. I must leave the sheep and warn the villagers that the Vikings are coming. To all the farmers I met I shouted, "The Vikings are coming!".

They ran with me to the village. In the village people began to panic. Mothers ran to collect babies and small children. Mothers and wives hugged loved ones and promised to pray for them. Children and the old were crying.

My mother told me to be brave and gave me her necklace for good luck. Then all the mothers and children and elderly hurried to the tower for safety. Fathers and sons picked up the weapons. We had made wooden shields, axes, spears, knives and swords. I had a wooden shield and a knife. Our leader shouted, "Victory to the Saxons. Down with the Vikings!", and we set off to the beach to fight with the Vikings.

The Viking ship was closer to the shore now. We could hear their blood-cudling cries and shouts. The coastline was rocky and the sea rough with the wind blowing. Perhaps the weather was on our side. The Vikings were swimming to the shore to start fighting with us. I was fighting with a Viking. He was very strong and fierce. When the Viking turned around because someone called him, I stabbed him in the heart with my knife. Our village fought bravely and long; many Saxons died, but more of our men waited on the beach in case any Vikings came out of the sea. The Vikings clothes were heavy because of the sea water and we could lift our swords and axes higher and quicker than the Vikings. The sea was red with spilt Vikings and Saxons blood. The noise of swords clashing and cries of pain had stopped. The Vikings who were not killed had swum back to their ship. We had won, but what would happen next time?